Ethical Issues and Disclosure Policy

Research Ethics and Integrity

Authors MUST follow ethical means of undertaking research, acquiring data, and presenting information.

Use of Human and Animal Subjects

In any studies involving human subjects all work must be conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki (1964). Papers describing studies on human subjects must include a statement that their relevant institutional committee has approved the described work.

In the case of experiments involving animals, the authors should provide a statement assuring that described experiments have been approved by the relevant institutional committee.

Conflict of Interest

We require that authors provide a statement at the end of the manuscript revealing all possible conflicts of interest related to the work presented in the manuscript, or the lack thereof.

Research Misconduct

At any time after the submission of a manuscript, if a violation is documented related to plagiarism, falsification or fabrication of data and/or improper attribution of authorship, sanctions, including, but not limited to the following, will be applied:

  • Immediate rejection of the manuscript as well as any other manuscripts submitted by the corresponding author(s), which may be undergoing review for publication in Nuclear Receptor Research
  • Retraction of the involved manuscript, if already published
  • Five year prohibition against the corresponding author(s) for any future submissions to Nuclear Receptor Research